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Julie Cooper -The Don War Memorial Bar

Nominated by: Millie Brewer

“Julie has created The Don War Memorial Bar in Stockton. Giving a home to thousands of hand glued poppies in memory of our veterans, she has put together a spectacular display of memorabilia from all over the world. Julie campaigns tirelessly to raise money for charities that support veterans and those still serving. She has made a community, somewhere veterans can go for food, friendship, support and to have their stories heard and feel safe. From shoe boxes of goodies to those serving in faraway countries to making sure our most vulnerable veterans are included in everything particularly during isolated times of the year such as Christmas. I simply don’t have the words to explain how much she has done and what her vision is for the future but Julie really, really is incredible and gives so much of her time, heart & soul to those who need her the most”

Brynn Hauxwell (Age 14)

Nominated by: Kim Hauxwell (his Mum)

“Brynn is only 14 years old and is already proving to be an everyday hero, he is breaking down barriers to inspire and motivate others to show them that anything is possible. Brynn is a wheelchair user who loves nothing more than being outside in the great outdoors and going on adventures. This year he pushed his bodies limits to the max after setting himself a gruelling 20k all-terrain challenge in his wheelchair, battling beaches, heather, rocks, steep inclines and declines to raise funds to purchase an active lightweight wheelchair so he can go on even more adventures and complete more challenges to raise money for other charities. He is currently taking part in Red January, fundraising for Mind charity and helping to raise mental health awareness. Brynn has inspired and motivated several people from the local community to get outside and join him on walks and getting active everyday. He is currently planning and training for another mega challenge to push his limits to the max again in 2020 to raise much needed funds for a local charity. When Brynn is not outside pushing his own limits, he still goes out of his way to help others. In under two years Brynn has volunteered over 300 hours within the local community at Ability Shetlands children’s disability club to help, inspire and motivate other children with additional support needs. Brynn shares his journey with others on social media under the name ‘Breaking down barriers with Brynn’ (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and includes videos and photos of him training in the harsh windy and wet weather Shetland has thrown at him. He smashed his gruelling all terrain challenge in October and even now still continues to inspire and motivate other people all around the world to get outside and push their own bodies to the max. At only 14 years old Brynn is the everyday hero for our future generation.”

Nichola Wade – Volunteer Oxfordshire Search and Rescue

Nominated by: Marcus Nurton – fellow volunteer Oxfordshire Search and Rescue

“Nicky became a member of Oxfordshire Lowland Search and Rescue in November 2018. OxSAR are a volunteer Search and Rescue team on hand to Thames Valley Police to assist in searches for vulnerable missing people across Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. From day 1 Nicky has supported every part of the organisation, in training, operational deployments and fundraising. But the biggest impact has been in the welfare support for the team. She revolutionised our old brew kit, taking it from a stale tea bag and soft old biscuit to the all-new ‘hug in a mug’ box. Tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits, even seasonal specials of cup a soup and instant noodles, On many occasion this has kept the team going long into the night knowing however cold and /or wet we get, we can return to our van and a hot drink and sustenance will be on hand. It doesn’t just support the team, but it is extended to the Police, Fire Service, and often the families of the missing people we are looking for. Beyond the mug, there is also the hug. In our role, we unfortunately hear far too many sad stories of the vulnerable missing people we aim to bring home. And if we are unfortunate enough to be too late, we return them to their families for closure. We get very limited mental health support. But Nicky is always there. She has been through some tough times but coming out the other side she very subtly recognises the signs and is always there to support her teammates, talking, listening and advising. She actively promotes mental health support and the importance to talk. Recently Nicky has been forced to go non-operational due to an injury sustained during her other hobby as a safety kayaker at swimming events. (her day job is a children’s swim coach) She rescued a child but, in the process, over-extended her knee, twisting it within the kayak and has suffered severe ligament and meniscus damage. She has been told it will be 6 months of physio or even an operation to get it back to normal. Despite this, she still turns up to training and operations to support the team, always happy, always smiling. The hug in a mug box has never been so well stocked!!! So, for her endless enthusiasm, subtle yet significant support, and remaining happy and smiling through the toughest times, I’d like to nominate Nicky not just as my hero, but from the OxSAR team as a whole. “

SmileStar / Mitesh Badiani

Nominated by: Magdalena Laskowska

They are a unique charity. They work both in the UK and abroad. In the UK they provide free lifelong dental treatment to ex Royal Marines who have been discharged from active duty based on medical grounds. Too often those brave people who have risked their lives for the country are forgotten. SmileStar with help of volunteering dental practices and their teams gives a little bit back to them. I have been privileged to meet and provide the treatment for four Royal Marines – forever grateful to SmileStar for giving me the opportunity. Outside of the UK they organise regular trips to various countries (Kenya, India, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania) and set up dental camps in the areas that need dental help. Dentists are accompanied by a medical doctor to make the treatment more comprehensive. When possible SmileStar and the SmileStar volunteers sponsor education for local young people. It has paid for higher education of two young men while one of the volunteers has sponsored education of a third one. I have been taken by the story of one of the warriors who looks after the team in Masai Mara. He is determined to give education to his three daughters in the society where it is still commonplace to have the daughters married off at an early age. Their education is now looked after. Without SmileStar I would have never been given the opportunity to do it. SmileStar fully operates on volunteers, with no admin costs, 0% admin costs. This is special. SmileStar attracts likeminded people who want to help, invest their holiday time and funds to help. For many volunteers the trips are not a one off, they come back, some have as many as 6 trips under their belt. When one of the young drivers was diagnosed with cancer and needed to raise money for the treatment, SmileStar volunteers donated enough money to cover most of the treatment. In 5 days. Volunteers also look for ways to provide extra help – Tom and Juliet have collected various types of glasses in the UK so that they could be given to the people who need them. One of the guards could not see clearly and there was a risk he might lose his job; with the glasses he could see again. Kept his job. Little wonder, things we in the UK take for granted. SmileStar cooperates with various local organisations. This year we had a teenage boy whose eyesight was poor so he was falling behind at school because he could not see the blackboard. With the frames supplied by The SmileStar volunteers and help from the Safari Collection, this boy was given an optician appointment. Lenses chosen and now has glasses for the first time in his life so can continue his education. SmileStar also improves the lives of its volunteers: we all learn to appreciate what we have and not take things for granted. The inspiration and driving force behind SmileStar is UK dentist Dr Mitesh Badiani

Daniel Allen

Nominated by: Lisa Allen

I’d like to nominate Daniel for all the hard work and dedication he puts into helping others. Daniel has had a tough couple of years, he had major surgery 2 years ago and as a result ended up with a stoma, then within the last few months he has been diagnosed with a lung disease called sarcoidosis! Despite these two tough illnesses that cause him lots of discomfort and fatigue, Daniel never fails to be there for the kids at the local football club. For 5 years Daniel has trained hundreds of children as a volunteer. He trains the kids for hours and always puts them before his own health. He runs the teams for Matchday U12’s on a Saturday and U9’s on a Sunday. For the first year of having his stoma Daniel suffered badly with pyoderma which created huge holes around his stoma site. (Have photos you wouldn’t want to see) I don’t know how he walked yet alone never miss a training session. He wouldn’t let nothing come between him and teaching the kids some skills not only for the pitch but life skills about grit and determination. After 8.5 hours of surgery Daniel forced himself out of the hospital bed to help the gentleman next to him get back into bed. He always puts everyone else ahead of himself and deserves some slack for once. The prize would go straight on the kids for new jackets of equipment.

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